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Serum Ron de Panama Puente Centenario

  • Inhopud 0,7 L
  • Alc 40%
BeschikbaarheidOp voorraad

Serum Ron de Panama Puente Centenario Limited Edition


A rich aroma beautifully rounded with an exceptional spread of flavours. The palate is round and full-bodied with a robust flavour of fruits.The finish is delightful, rich and dry.


The sugar cane is chopped and crushed for the cane juice. Sērum Puente Centenario is distilled from freshly concetrated cane juice to produce a fine aroma of sugar cane and fruits.


The “Puente Centenario” (Centennial Bridge) was opened in 2004, re-connecting South and Central America, which were separated by the Panama Canal in 1914. Sērum Puente Centenario was distilled to celebrate the 90th aniversary of this important event. Here’s to bridging gaps.

Only 3000 Bottles made of this special 2004 Ron.

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Alc 40%
Inhoud (L) 0,7 L
Land Panama
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