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Serum Ron de Panama Gorgas Gran Reserva

  • Inhoud 0,7 L
  • Alc 40%
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Serum Ron de Panama Gorgas Gran Reserva taste of Panama in every drop

Made using the same timeless methods used to distill rum during the creation of the Panama canal, our line of premium rums captures the heart and soul of the people who worked to create one of the seven modern wonders of the world.


A marzipan and spicy aroma with hints of honey, orange zest and oak. The palate is round, mellow and full-bodied with a robust flavour of fruits and spices. The finish is delightful, elegant and dry.


The sugar cane is chopped and crushed for the cane juice. The juice is then boiled to crystalize the sugars, which are removed by centrifugal spinning, leaving behind the molasses. Though it is mostly sugar, molasses also contains large quantities of vitamins and minerals that add aroma, flavor and complexities to rum.


a Story of Gratitude William C. Gorgas was an army surgeon who saved thousands of lives from malaria and yellow fever during the construction of the Panama Canal (1880-1914). Legend has it that this was his favorite rum given to him by the locals every year as an expression of gratitude. Long live the memory of Gorgas.

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Alc 40%
Inhoud (L) 0,7 L
Land Panama
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