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  • Inhoud 0,7 L
  • Alc. 43%

Reki is a whiskey japanese product from the distillery Helios of Okinawa. The company is known and appreciated above all for its rum and its awamori, this whisky is produced in very limited amounts mixing malts aged from 3 to 18 years in casks in the us.

The whisky was produced in very small quantities, starting from the years '50. In the first years '90, the Asahi group
which also owns the Nikka, has purchased the distillery and from then on only produces whisky for some blend Nikka. This special bottling was only available in the north of Japan to Hokkaido in a few selected shops. An absolute rarity for every collector.

Nose: A little scottish really. Some malta, fat, sulphur, and some of the herbs rather aromatic, a touch of natural rubber, hints of mandarin ...

Mouth: really speaks and we like a lot. An excellent surprise! First the malt and the oranges, then the cassata cake, the orange cake, the baklava, lots of custard, and an interesting scent of lemon.

The feeling of a big mouth with an alcohol content of only 40%.

Final: medium, very nicely honeyed with a little tar in the aftertaste.

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Alc 43%
Inhoud (L) 0,7 L
Land Japan