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Nardini Bitter Chinato

  • Inhoud 1 L
  • Alc 27%
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Nardini Bitter Chinato

A unique Bitter, unfiltered, with its complex, rich, structured taste, enveloping aroma of cinchona calisaya and notes of citrus and spices, Nardini Bitter Chinato is unique, unfiltered to maintain unaltered the sensory characteristics of the raw materials.

Appearance:Bright red.

Aromatic profile:Velvety and rounded tast, citrus, herbal and spicy notes with a finish worthy of the queen of Botanicals: Chincona Calisaya.

Serving suggestions:Ideal for the many classic Italian aperitivo cocktails. Try it on your Americano or Negroni!
Meer informatie
Alc 27%
Inhoud (L) 1 L
Land Italië
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